The Quality Center (QC) Excel Add-in enables you to export your test plan, requirements, or defects from Excel directly to QC. You can view the exported test plan in the test plan tree, the exported requirements in the requirements tree, and the exported defects in the defects grid.

This guide assumes that you have already installed the add-in, if you haven’t you can find the instructions and installation files here, you will need to have a HP passport login to access the page.

Once the add-in is installed you are ready to proceed.

1. Formatting Data

the first thing you need to do to export your tests from Excel to Quality Center is format your tests in your worksheet so they have the required data and are setup correctly to enable import into the test plan tree. The ‘Subject’ column indicates the hierarchical path of each subject test folder in the test plan tree.

The following example shows two tests Scripts, each test containing a number of design steps.

Data formatted for import

 The mandatory fields are ‘Subject’ and ‘Test Name’. ‘Description’ is the description of the test and only needs to be on the first line. ‘Step Name’, ‘Step Description’ and ‘Expected Result’ are not mandatory, if these are not completed it means that you  can export test cases with no test steps.

2. Exporting Data to Quality Center

After you have properly created and formatted the tests in your worksheets, you can export them to QC. When you export a new or existing test to Quality Center, it is created with the user name that you use to export it.

Note: You must have full, create and modify permissions in Quality Center for the type of record that you are exporting. For example, if you are exporting tests, you must have permissions for adding and modifying the test plan tree, design steps, and folders. So, first run should be done with admin user to save the test plan tree.

Highlight the rows and columns that contain the data you want to export. Do not include column headings in your selection. Go to the Add-Ins tab on the ribbon in Excel and select either Export To Quality Center or Export to ALM depending on your QC version.

add-ins tab

The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 1 of 8 dialog box opens. Enter the QC server address, this can be got from the address bar of your browser when you are logged in to QC.

Step 1 of 8

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 2 of 8 dialog box opens, Type your QC user name and password.

Step 2 of 8

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 3 of 8 dialog box opens. Select Domain and project name.

Step 3 of 8

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 4 of 8 dialog box opens. Select Test (if you are going to upload a test).

Step 4 of 8

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 5 of 8 dialog box opens. Create a new map and call it “test”.

Step 5 of 8

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 6 of 8 dialog box opens to map a Quality Center field to a corresponding Microsoft Excel column, choose a field name from the list on the left, and click the arrow button (>). The Map Field with Column dialog box opens. Type a corresponding Excel column letter and click OK. Note that a required field is displayed in red.

Step 6 of 8

 Step 6

Click Next. The Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 7 of 8 dialog box opens.

Step 7 of 8

If you have successfully exported your worksheet to Quality Center, the Quality Center Export Wizard – Step 8 of 8 dialog box opens. Click Finish.

Step 8 of 8

Review the exported data in Quality Center, the 2 selected test are uploaded.

Test in ALM

Installers and Templates

To download the below files, rightclick on the link and save as.

Template Excel file: ALM Test Script Upload Template – Blog

Excel Add-in for QC/ALM 11.0: HP-ALM-MSExcelAddin_11_0_1_15

Excel Add-in for QC/ALM 11.5: HP-ALM-MSExcelAddin_11_50_4_0


I also have a post on how to download Test Cases and Requirements from QC to Excel.

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66 Thoughts on “How to export tests from Excel to HP QC / ALM With Excel Add-in

  1. Hello Sir,

    When I click on Export to HPALM, I can view a dialog asking for URL, after providing URL, then click Next, I see an error message

    “The hp platform loader is not installed on this machine, to install the loader, go to the application lifecycle management login screen”

    Please let me know how to rectify the error, I’m completely new to HPQC and Excel

    Thanks for your effots.


    • It sounds like you may not have the correct Excel plugin for your version of QC.



    • You have to Go to HQ ALM home page(Enter the URL for ALM ) it will automatically install the platform loaders.After the login page is displayed, you can download the excel add In and can use .

  2. Subhajit Ghosh on October 25, 2013 at 1:28 pm said:

    when I am exporting test case from excel to QC only one step is showing in QC.

    suppose I have 21 steps and I am exporting data into QC from Excel sheet, then in my QC a/c I can viewa test case is being generated with only a single step.

    Sometimes its 1st step, sometimes its 21st step.

  3. Hi,

    while uploading test cases from excel to ALM whether excel formula will be uploaded in ALM.

    like in A1 cell have data like ” nares” and B1 is having data “h” we want to upload all data like “naresh” which is in C1 cell.

    while uploading i need all A1,B1,C1 has to upload to ALM. Is that possible?

  4. Is there a way to update a single field for all the test cases? I have already exported all the cases to ALM, but now a single field needs to be update for all the uploaded cases.

  5. Hi

    I need to avoid system automatic lock while uploading testcases into QC. Is it possible to code like that in excel?

  6. Sathya on January 9, 2014 at 5:04 am said:

    Hello sir,

    Nothing is happened after given new map name, it stucked on step 5.please help here

    • just create a folder with the Map name in the following path C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14\XLSTART\TDAddin
      and then try exporting.

  7. ashwini on January 9, 2014 at 5:38 am said:

    I am uploading test cases from Excel to QC 10 where Designer field is mandatory, even after providing designer name correctly QC is throwing error that Designer doesn’t exists.Help me if this is defect from QC side

  8. do we have any excel add in to upload the results into QC. so that it will make the user work easier and saves time…

  9. Hi,

    The blog helped me in uploading Test Cases from excel to QC. I’m also looking for a way to upload Test Cases Results from excel to QC. Is it possible, if yes, may I know the detailed procedure for that also.

    Thanks in Advance !!!


  10. Mustafa Khan on February 21, 2014 at 6:08 pm said:

    I’m uploading the scripts the same way but I can only get 1 step to upload for example my script has 8 steps every time I try to upload it only picks one step to load randomly . First attempt it uploaded only step 3 so I deleted everything and tried again this time it uploaded step 5 don’t know what the problem is have you dealt with this kind of problem ?

    • Mustafa Khan on February 21, 2014 at 6:32 pm said:

      I have figured it out if I highlight the complete area that I want to upload before hitting export to HP ALM it uploads without any issues.

  11. sowndarya on February 25, 2014 at 6:25 am said:

    I have QC 10.0 excel Addins in my machine.I want to uplaod testcass in QC11.5. Is that possible to upload testcases from QC10.0 excel addins to QC 11.5 ?

  12. maytol on March 6, 2014 at 5:43 pm said:

    I’m trying to invoke another script to be executed as is reusable i.e. Login

    how does it needs to be written in the excell sheet?

    mannually in qc displays as Call

    but how it should be in excel so it can be exported the same way.

    • Hi, unfortunately the excel addin is not that clever, you can upload all the base scripts but you will need to setup the scripts with the calls in QC. This is because the call is done on an entity ID not the test name and the ID is not assigned by QC until the scripts have been uploaded.


  13. Rathna on April 10, 2014 at 5:03 pm said:


    Will there be any restrictions on the length of the data (as they get stored in tables) we are providing in each column in the excel sheet? IF, yes can you let me know the same.

    Also can you let me know from which version ALM the single sign on (no need to enter the password for ALM it takes automatically authenticating with ADS) available? Thanks in advance.

  14. Mathieu on April 28, 2014 at 11:43 am said:

    Hello !

    Thank you for all this precious information / solution.

    I have a mistake :
    > When i am a the step 6 and i put on export, i met an error message : “Required fields must be mapped”.

    NB : When a comeback to the step 5, i do same thing like your descrition but i can see that there is a different : there is no possibility to choose “select a map”

    Thank you in advance for your help !


  15. Yash on May 28, 2014 at 3:22 am said:


    how do I export the Requirment Description and Comments from Excel to QC?

  16. Gary Kimber on June 13, 2014 at 5:03 pm said:


    Thanks for providing this great plugin. I have had success in importing test cases into ALM 11.0, but when trying to import requirements, I find there is no property analogous to “subject” which will direct the requirement to a particular folder in the requirements tree. Can you suggest a method for doing this, or am I limited to putting all reuqirements at first level under Requirements?



    • When importing requirements read “Subject” as “Requirements” in the path you can define you own structure e.g. Feature 1/Function 1, would create the requirements in a folder called Function 1 under a folder called Feature 1 under the requirements folder.

  17. Renuga on June 28, 2014 at 7:15 am said:

    Hello Sir,

    When I click on Export to HPALM, I can view a dialog asking for URL, after providing URL, then click Next, I see an error message “Failed to connect to server”.
    I have installed HP ALM 11 and installed excel addin for the same version with the help of the addin page of the quality center .

    Please let me know how to rectify the error

    Thanks in advance.


  18. oluseye on June 30, 2014 at 12:20 pm said:

    General error: Duplicate entity: ‘TestFolder’.
    General error: Required field can not be empty or SPACE filled.

    Export Report – 2 errors.

    please what does this mean and how can i solve it

  19. Nisha on July 25, 2014 at 5:58 am said:


    I am able to upload test cases from xcel to QC, but once it get uploaded
    the format changes to plain text
    No highlights bold text nothing in QC as what i did in xcel
    So is it going a rework for me? or do we have any appropriate solution for this?
    please reply

  20. shaila Borges on August 7, 2014 at 2:56 am said:


    i have ALM 12 version.
    I have downloaded the correct Excel Addin.
    Trying to upload my file.
    In step 2 after providing the Server name click next.
    I get the below error.
    A general error has occured “Object doesn’t support this property or method”

    Please help.

  21. Pindu Pitti on August 7, 2014 at 7:34 pm said:

    Hi I am looking for a tool that can download tests from test lab into excel and then update test status from excel into test lab.

    Can any one share if you have an excel macro please.

  22. Duplicate entity: ‘TestFolder’.
    any idea why this error displayed when exporting test case from Excel to HP ALM?

  23. Damien on October 1, 2014 at 10:41 am said:


    Thanks for the tutorial.
    I have A.L.M. 11.0 with Excel 2010 and the export works fine except that field “Step description” is not filled, although it is correctly mapped.
    Anyone has heard about a bug with this field?

  24. Hi,
    I have ALM 11.0 and have installed the Excel Add in.
    I’ve been using the add in function for a while with no problems. But now when I click on Export excel to ALM, it shows me the first screen toenter the URL, I enter the URL, and click Next. And the excel dissapears, and I cannot do anythign else. I have to restart the computer to reopen the excel. And the importation is not made. Do you have any idea what can be missing?

  25. Hey,

    I cannot upload my Files zu Quality Center.. could the Issue be that I dont have Admin Rights on my Work PC?
    Because at my PC at home it runs propper, but on my working PC… nothing an the only difference is that on my working machine I have only User Rights (cannot write on C drive etc)
    Thanks for your Help!


  26. Hi All,

    Can any one guide me for define mapping in Excel and HP ALM plug in.
    I am using ALM 11.52. What I want, I want to define a mapping of tests and want to use further for all user credentials. So, that save the time for all users to use same mapping and not define his/her mapping for their credentials.

  27. Adriana on November 4, 2014 at 6:41 pm said:

    ¿como es posible crear los casos con test configuration?

  28. When I want to upload script in QC 11 in the path “Subject/Testcase/Reg”, I have given the same in the excel sheet under the Subject column, however it is not uploading the test script under that path, but it is creating a new folder with name “Subject/Testcase/Reg”.

    How to avoid creating new folder in QC 11 while exporting test cases?

  29. Kuntol Banerjee on December 1, 2014 at 2:00 pm said:

    I am trying to export test cases from excel. Every time I am getting the following error
    General error: Duplicate entity: ‘TestFolder’.

    Export Report – 1 error.

    Please help me to resolve this

  30. praveen on December 2, 2014 at 7:41 am said:

    HI We want to format the text in the description field like Bold , Underline, Next Para to give more readability to the descritpion after upload into ALM. When we are trying to use HTML tags like old HPQC10, we are getting those tags displayed as it is, can you please help me how to retain the text formating.

  31. Row: 1, Column: G – Field ‘Step Type (Design Steps)': Value Component is not a valid list item.

    Scan Report – 1 error.

  32. Rohan verma on December 12, 2014 at 9:44 pm said:

    I want to add Test Parameters(Parameter Name, Default Value) using QC 11.0 Excel addin, Is there any way?

    Unable to view this field in addin :(

  33. Hi,
    Can I export actual results from excel to QC?

  34. Brilliant…. thanks very much, this has saved me hours of mucking about

  35. Mayur Parashar on April 9, 2015 at 8:46 am said:

    Each time I export a excel it shows following error
    Error in test “Test Name”: The specified subtype does not exist.
    But when i refresh QC, i could see this Excel being imported, no idea why i am getting this error.

  36. Hi ,
    i have ALM 12 version.
    I have downloaded the correct Excel Addin.
    Trying to upload my file..
    I am getting below error while uploading

    Error in test “Test Name”: The specified subtype does not exist.
    Error in test “BUSHUB_123_AC01_TC01″: The specified subtype does not exist.

    could anybody help me out here?

  37. Aditya on April 29, 2015 at 5:45 am said:

    I have a test case with 6 steps
    When I export it to ALM, it creates 6 test cases instead of creating 1 test case with 6 steps.
    any ideas why it is happening?

  38. Pingback: HP QC / ALM Test Case and Script Download |

  39. Getting the below error when uploading defects into ALM

    ” method ‘NewList’ of object ‘ICycleFactory’failed”

  40. Tester on May 3, 2016 at 7:58 am said:


    I upload test cases from Excel to QC successfully. But, for each test case only certain number of lines are copied. Why does it happen ? Is there any restriction on data limit ? If it is so , how to untick it and upload fully ? Kindly answer if anyone knows

  41. NAYANT MOHANTY on July 21, 2016 at 5:24 pm said:


    I am using ALM 12.2, patch 3. I am in process of uploading test cases from excel 2016 to ALM .After doing the mapping when i do a validate , the validation is successfull without any error. Next when i click on upload to ALM button in the excel sheet my system gets hang and uploading doesn’t take place. Please let me know what could be the reason.

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